Although we are recruiting for Mythic raiding, <Fidelity> is a small guild at heart, and we are happy to keep it that way. We are not accepting applications to non-raiding ranks from people we don't already know.

Raid Times
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. 8pm - 10:30pm. Dath'Remar server time (UTC +10).

Recruitment Needs [updated: 1st November 2018]
We are looking to build a robust core roster of up to 25 core raiders to field a mythic team.

How to Apply Fill out an Application
Register for the guild forum, and fill out an application (found here) and post it in the recruitment board.

If you would like to talk to someone in game before lodging your application, any of our core raiders can answer questions about our guild and raiding culture. Look for Borgthor if you'd like to talk to the guild master.