Expectations of Core Members

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Expectations of Core Members

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80% attendance
While founding members have been known to raid at well above 90% attendance consistently, missing one raid every two weeks is a more manageable published standard. If core raiders are asked to take a rostered night off, it does not impact their attendance rate.

Core members should be able to communicate with Borgthor outside of WoW. This is as simple as exchanging mobile numbers (for sms) or any other reliable message service. In such a small guild, it is important to adapt to potential changes in personnel as soon as possible. This forum also contains a 'Heads Up!' board which is checked regularly that can be used to communicate changes in attendance.

PC and Internet Performance
While many factors outside our control may occasionally prevent a raid quality connection to WoW, members are expected to take all reasonable measures to build a reliable gaming platform.

Voice Communication
Voice communication software is mandatory for raiding. We currently use Discord with Mumble as a back up.

Core raiders should have the desire and ability to make a positive contribution to guild raiding. We are an extremely supportive bunch, who strive to learn from our mistakes. If you are a little squeamish about even supportive criticism, then this is not the guild for you. If you are offended by your toon being mentioned by name over voice comms, then this is definitely not the guild for you.

We endeavour to progress through hard mode content as quickly as we are able. If you prefer to farm manageable content rather than wipe on the latest challenge until it is defeated, this is not the guild for you.

The things that should go without saying...
... but just this once.

BiS Enchants, Gems, Flasks, Consumables etc. We all take pride in our characters and their gear, and the idea of turning up to a raid without our gear enchanted is abhorrent. We all think flasks are delicious.

Core Members should research progression fights independently, and be able to highlight their strengths and weaknesses for the guild's strategy. Core Members should also take the opportunity to research upgrades, so they are comfortable making decisions on gear in a group loot setting.

We can all afford to raid. While it can be a chore, most of us have found a niche for coin making in WoW that we enjoy. Cost of repairs and flasks should be an afterthought, and readily available craftables and BoE items should be within your budget.

We are positive members of the WoW community inside and outside of the guild. While we don’t expect you to suffer fools, basic human decency and respect for your fellow players is required.
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