Guild Structure

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Guild Structure

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We use ranks in the guild to reflect the current active role each toon performs. It is not a ladder to climb, and will be actively managed to ensure toons find their best fit within the guild.

Guild Master

Borgthor sets the guild’s direction, is our raid leader and is a member of the core raiding team.

The core of our guild is comprised of up to 25 dedicated raiders who have preferred raid spots and an 80% attendance record. At intervals core members may be asked to take a rostered night off. We don't have an officer rank, but if we did, it would be this group. Core raiders are encouraged to volunteer for special tasks within the guild (recruitment, guild bank management etc).

A select group of high calibre raiders who happily raid occasionally with the guild. Given the high attendance requirements and preferential raid spots for core members, this is not a rank for raiders aspiring to the core rank. Locums are not required to save encounter IDs for the guild but are free to accept opportunities to raid with the guild where it is mutually beneficial. Locum is a rank only suitable to a discrete portion of the warcraft community who are both self reliant and whose circumstances and expectations are tuned to the guild’s vision and schedule.

The friend (i.e., Friend of Fidelity) rank is for non-raiding members who are friends and family of the GM, core and locum ranks. Recruitment to this rank is restricted to people we already know.

Alts of guild members at any rank.

All players aspiring to join the guild will be given a trial and then either promoted to the correct rank or removed from the guild. <Fidelity> is a small guild and we would be surprised if we ever consist of more than 30 accounts.