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About <Fidelity>

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:17 pm
by Borgthor
<Fidelity> on Dath’Remar is a small raiding guild. We consist of one raiding team and our personal friends and family. Outside of this group we have a very small number of casual raiders that embrace the guild’s philosophy.

We raid 3 nights per week (Wed / Thurs / Sun, 8pm - 11pm server time (UTC+10)) and enjoy spending unscheduled game time in a tight knit, small guild.

<Fidelity> was chosen as our guild name with a strong emphasis on the meaning that relates to exactness and precision, with just a hint of the meaning that relates to loyalty and commitment. We aim to be a tight knit group, and get the most out of our limited scheduled raiding time together.