Membership Requirements

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Membership Requirements

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No Squigglies
We appreciate imagination and simplicity. If you can’t find a unique name for your toons without resorting to non-alpha characters, this probably isn’t the guild for you. If this rule seems silly, or a paid name change too oppressive then this is definitely not the guild for you. Since we value imagination, if you can regale us with the context and importance of your special character, we’d love to hear it.

Guild Forum
All guild members must sign up to the guild forum. While contributions to our small online community are welcomed and encouraged, it is expected that relevant posts will be read by all guild members.

Things that shouldn’t need to be said...
... but just this once

We are positive, helpful members of the WoW community inside and outside of the guild. While we don’t expect you to suffer fools, basic human decency and respect for your fellow players is required (but don’t mistake our basic human decency as flirting, it’s probably not).

We are happy to belong to a small guild, and would like to keep it that way. Player movement between ranks is not equivalent to a promotion or a demotion, but is intended to match their current involvement in the guild. We will counsel and remove any players that are no longer a good fit for the guild as well.