Locums, our special snowflakes

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Locums, our special snowflakes

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The Locum rank in <Fidelity> is designed to give the guild added flexibility in putting high quality full guild groups together, while offering raiding opportunities to talented individuals that can't (or don't want to) make our 80% attendance minimums for core raiders.

Core raiders can expect to have raid spots each night unless they have been asked to take a rostered night off. However, if the core members are turning up at the 80% rate, that means there are opportunities to fill vacant positions. While some opportunities will be last minute (arrrggghhhhh my PC just died or ISP X / Telco Company Y is $#@%ing my connection) we will try and organise Locum substitution as far in advance as possible.

Keep in mind we are all avid players, and while we're generally slimming down our scheduled play time, Ad Hoc guild runs for alts / friends will occur and are another way to get amongst the action.

The Locum rank is generally suitable for players who:
  • Have set a hard limit on the number of their raiding nights, and that limit is less than 3
  • Are allergic to schedules, but when they do raid want to play with high calibre players
  • Are independent enough to accept an invitation to raid if required, and PuG when they aren't
  • Have toons that can maintain valuable dual specs and be proficient in both
The Locum rank is unsuitable for players who:
  • Are aspiring to the Core rank, and impatiently biding their time
  • Always need to know in advance when they will be required for raids
  • Have a set amount of raiding they would like to do with the guild
  • Don't enjoy coming in (or leaving) part way through a raid lockout
  • Harbor resentment when they are not there for first kills and achievements
Just from the list above, it really does rule out the vast majority of the warcraft community, which is why they are our special snowflakes.

When you raid with the guild...
  • You are appreciated. Without the Locum rank, a full guild group would not always be possible.
  • You are supported. You can't always join a PuG for the content we're seeing, we understand you may not be as familiar with the encounters as the rest of the group. We will get you up to speed as quickly as possible.
  • It's a full raid night. Unless it's the difference between a kill and a wipe, you won't be replaced (and you don't get subbed out for that core member who is running late).
  • You are welcome to loot. I mentioned that you are appreciated right? Roll on upgrades along with everyone else, collect loot, enjoy. There is no provision for prioritising loot to core members.
When you aren't raiding with the guild...
  • You are welcome to join PuGs. We're not going to insist that you save encounter IDs on the off chance you are required, however we'd appreciate it if you leave it until later in the week if you can.
  • You have no scheduled obligations... but... if you are consistently unavailable to raid (particularly for nights organised in advance) we'll need to have a chat about if your relationship with the guild is mutually beneficial.
  • We appreciate your efforts to gear yourself as well as possible, and use available resources to maintain current knowledge of progression content.