Application: Havoc DH

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Application: Havoc DH

Post by Creepindeath »

Character Name: Deadseed

Battle Tag: Creepindeath#6833

Character Class and Spec: Havoc Demon Hunter

Offspec and relative proficiency: Happy to learn Tank if required. Also have a Surv Hunter as an alt.

Your timezone: UTC+9:30 (Adelaide)

What rank are you applying for? Core

Are you applying for one of our advertised vacancies? (Which one?) No

Have you discussed your application with anyone in game? Do you already know someone in the guild? Yes. Dangermouse has encouraged me to apply.

If applying for a Core rank, can you make our raid nights with 80% attendance? Due to the nature of my work (and my darling little daughter) I am not always able to make Raids, however, I will make every effort to attend whenever possible.

Do you have Discord (or are you able to install it)? Yes

Are you able to, and comfortable with talking over voice communication software? Yes

Tell us a little about your previous raiding experience. I have been playing on and off since Vanilla (2 accounts and too many alts to name :D ). I have only got to raiding levels during Panda, had a break, and am only just returning back to the game now. Keen to get back into end game content while trying my hand at the newest class.

Why did you leave your previous guild? Previous guild fell apart due to some toxic members raging unnecessarily during and after Raids.

Why do you want to join <Fidelity>? Keen to get into some end game content when possible.

What can you offer <Fidelity>? Able to accept constructive criticism without being offended and can learn from my mistakes (there will most likely be many). Will bring a positive attitude, a few laughs, and hopefully a decent amount of DPS.

What do you think <Fidelity> can offer you? A family friendly place to call home in the universe that is WOW.
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Re: Application: Havoc DH

Post by Borgthor »

Hey hey, thanks for your application. I'll try and catch up with you in game soon!


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