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RDPS Application | Dangermouse | Priest: Shadow

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Character Name: Dangermouse

Battle Tag: Withheld

Character Class and Spec: Class: Priest, Spec: Shadow.

Offspec and relative proficiency: Sidespec: Disc. Proficiency: Proficient in 5 man content, I have never raided as a healer.
Offspec: Holy. Proficiency: Proficient in 5 man content, up-to, and including, Mythic +9

Your timezone: GMT+9.30 (Adelaide)

What rank are you applying for? Core.

Are you applying for one of our advertised vacancies? (Which one?) No.

Have you discussed your application with anyone in game? Do you already know someone in the guild? Yes, I have discussed it with Hagrim, he encouraged me to apply.

If applying for a Core rank, can you make our raid nights with 80% attendance? Due to the nature of my work, there may some times I an unable to raid. But I will always endeavor to maintain my highest level of attendance.

Do you have Discord (or are you able to install it)? Yes.

Are you able to, and comfortable with talking over voice communication software? Yes.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding experience. I started raiding about 14 years ago with a Warlock, My first raid was When Zul'Gurub Opened, I raided consistently until 2009 with a guild called Gileads Blood on Bonechewer. I moved to Barthilas to raid in Mists and Wod. I didn't raid much in Legion and I Raided a lot in BfA, and I am really enjoying it.

Why did you leave your previous guild? It was a very clique-y. I wasn't invited to content out of normal raid hours and overall didn't feel very welcome. There were also some snide remarks, not really directed at anyone, about raid performance which didn't sit well with me.

Why do you want to join <Fidelity>? I have raided with <Fidelity> before, at the start of BfA. I really liked how the raids were run, very smooth and family friendly, I also felt very welcomed.

What can you offer <Fidelity>? Good attendance paired with a solid PC and stable internet connection. To take ownership of my Character with Gem's, Enchants and Buffs. To stand in the fire and take loads of avoidable damage and wipe raids, but also learn from my mistakes, improve my skills with my class and overall performance in raid. Good Communication In-game and out, this includes patience and kindness for guildmates that are new to raiding and when facing a difficult raid encounter that have taken many attempts.

What do you think <Fidelity> can offer you? A family friendly guild that I can feel welcome and work through modern content from raiding to Mythic+ and PvP.
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