Pudde - Resto/Balance Druid - Application

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Pudde - Resto/Balance Druid - Application

Post by Pudde »

Character Name: Pudde

Battle Tag:

Character Class and Spec: Druid - Restoration MS

Offspec and relative proficiency:
Balance - Fairly Proficient, but havent had the chance to raid as Balance, so rotation/priority may be sloppy but willing to work on it.

Your timezone: Melb/Sydney +10GMT

What rank are you applying for?
Core, happy as sub.

Are you applying for one of our advertised vacancies? (Which one?)

Have you discussed your application with anyone in game? Do you already know someone in the guild?
Talked to Mef and he advised to put in a courtesy app for a raid role.
Unfortunately I know Mef :p

If applying for a Core rank, can you make our raid nights with 80% attendance?
Yes, can make all raid nights. (Wed/Thurs/Sun).

Do you have Discord (or are you able to install it)? (We recently migrated from mumble)
Discord installed and rocking

Are you able to, and comfortable with talking over voice communication software?
Yes, comfortable to do that.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding experience.
Bit of quick backgroud:
Been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla release. Started off as an Orc Hunter on Blackrock server, transfered to Dath'Remar when server transfers became a thing. Been on Dath since 07-08. I've raided most content in each Xpac, with the exception of WoD, and expansion I missed due to taking a break been burnt raiding in a progression guild in early MoP. Came back end of WoD as alliance resto druid!
Raid run down:
(Raided the following as a Hunter)
Vanilla - MC/Ony/ZG/BWL/AQ20 full clears, AQ40 up to Twin Emps, Naxx 3 wings cleared stuck on Thaddius.
BC - Kara/TK/SSC
WoTLK - Naxx/Eye/Uld/ToC/ICC mostly in 10man, when possible 25man
(Switched to Disc priest, progression guild)
Cata - DS
MoP - MSV/HoF/Terrace
Took a break and rejoined at end of WoD as resto Druid.
Legion - 6/7 Normal EM

Why did you leave your previous guild?
Was in social guild, looking to get back into raiding and seeing content.

Why do you want to join <Fidelity>?
To have fun with chill laid back people!

What can you offer <Fidelity>?
I can offer to be the guy that gives the pity 'lols' to Mefs puns. I will take one for the team.

What do you think <Fidelity> can offer you?
A fun social environment, and hopefully experience Legion content with awesome peeps!
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Re: Pudde - Resto/Balance Druid - Application

Post by Mef »

Not sure we should take this guy on board. He's a name dropper and I don't even know him.

PS. Waaaait a minute...this is the guy that I beat up for his lunch money at work! :twisted:
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