Dambrath - Prot Paladin

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Dambrath - Prot Paladin

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Character Name:

Character Class and Spec:
Paladin Tank Aoe Threat

Offspec and relative proficiency:
Tank Single Target Threat

Your timezone:
GMT + 10

What rank are you applying for?
Core Raiding Rank

Are you applying for one of our advertised vacancies? (Which one?)
I sure am. Pally tank.

Have you discussed your application with anyone in game? Do you already know someone in the guild?
Have discussed with Borg joining <Fidelity>. You guys are recruiting a Paladin tank and Enhance Shaman and that suits my husband and myself down to a tee. We have raided with you guys a couple of times now and hopefully havent made a terrible impression.

If applying for a Core rank, can you make our raid nights with 85% attendance?
We can make 85% attendance no problems unless something in real life rears its ugly head. Have a weeks holiday booked over Easter already planned out though.

Do you have vent?
Yes, even have our own vent server to use if needed.

Are you able to, and comfortable with talking over vent?
I am. Please feel free to tell me to shut up if I yak too much.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding experience.
feel free to skip my rambling in this section.

TLDR version :
Vanilla - MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20/40, 1 boss in Naxx
Tbc - Kara, Mags, Gruuls, SSC, MH, BT, 1 boss in SWP
Wrath - Naxx, Malygos, Ulduar, TotC, ICC including most hardmodes
Cata - Everything Ive done with you guys so far.

I've been playing since about 5 months after Vanilla came out. My first raiding toon was a Tauren Druid on Terenas server , and I raided MC BWL and ZG on her both as healing and then I was told i sucked at healing so they made me an off tank as I was pretty darn good at that and this was back before bears were any good at tanking. Ah the memories of winning the Wristguards of Stability off Gehennas and making the rogues cry.

Then when Blizz opened a new oceanic server, my husband and I rolled Alliance on Aman'thul. We made a Warlock and Hunter team named Siegfried and Rôy (magician and animal trainers geddit?), and my pet white lion was named Montecore after the lion that mauled the real Roys face off. On my hunter I raided with her as my main through the rest of Vanilla (MC BWL ZG AQ 20/40 but only 1 boss in Naxx). We transferred to Dath'Remar about 1/2 way through this period due to a player on Aman'Thul who had gone all stalky over me because I was made hunter class leader over him. Threats, lies, stalking etc. Not a nice guy so we left and came here!

She continued to be my main through out TBC and I raided through all content up until 1/2 way through SSC with the same guild that I started Kara with. I Joined <Insurrection> and we blitzed through MH, and BT getting a few server 1sts and seconds on boss kills. When SWP came out we started working on that but I only ever got to see Brutalis as for some reason when patch 3.0 came out just before Wrath was released, my computer couldnt handle graphics anymore and my fps was failtastic. So as you would probably guess being in a guild like <Insurrection> it means that you are no longer wanted. From the moment I hit 500 Agi at the start of Kara I played my hunter as Survival to be the Expose Weakness bitch for the rest of the raid. I loved the idea of sacrficing a bit of my own dps to increase everyone elses. It took a while for me to get through to others that even though I wasnt topping charts I was providing an extra 1000+ odd dps via my buff to others.

When Wrath came out, I leveled and geared up my hunter. I was still in <Insurrection> and I started raiding with them again (but on Estas computer as he had stopped raiding). We got server firsts on Kel'Thuzad and Malygos (dont ever ask me to go back to Malygos...grinding for a server first makes you HATE a place more than you can ever imagine). Also a lot of server firsts in Ulduar including hardmodes. I stepped down from raiding when we were up to doing Yogg +0 watchers as we were planning our wedding and needed time out for that. I also had my druid alt in the 10 man guild <Alternatives> which was the alt guild for <Insurrection>. We ended up being the number 1 alliance 10 man guild on ther server for all of Naxx and Ulduar.

During this downtime we leveled our Paladin/Shaman combo as a hobby and I soon rediscovered my love of tanking. A month or 2 before ICC was released we decided that we would like to start raiding again but on our newly leveled characters. I think I managed to get in 1 full clear of TotC as pugs before ICC was launched. We started looking for a raiding guild at this time and we ended up being part of <right click to attack>. With them we progressed through ICC 25 up until BQL and then we decided to split into 10 mans. In 10 mans we downed the Lich King and started on a few heroic modes.

Cata was released and we leveled hard and fast as the new raid content seemed exciting and fresh. I was the first to hit 85 in <RCTA> and had plenty of time to grind my rep and best gear before there were enough of us to start 10 mans. With <RCtA> we worked through Magmaw, Omnitron, Halfus and Valiona + Theralion, and that leaves me up to where we are at present time.

Why did you leave your previous guild?
<RCtA> has taken a super casual attitude to raiding and this made it frustrating for the minority of 5-6 of us that want to actually get content down before the next patches come out. They are a great bunch of people and we have made some real life friends with them. We have had a few get togethers in Melbourne over the last year and we had a great Xmas dinner together in December. It was a really hard decision to leave them.

Why do you want to join <Fidelity>?
<Fidelity> sounds like the exact guild that I want to be in. Small, focused and able to do what they set out to achieve.

What can you offer <Fidelity>?
I think that I can offer <Fidelity> a loyal tank who isnt terrible at least. When I find a guild that suits I dont tend to leave unless push comes to shove. I like to read up on my class and encounters and I always try to have the best I can get for my toon (within reason). I am also an enchanter so I can help out with that whenever needed. Im happy to do what I am told and all you need to do is point me at something and tell me to tank it and where, and I will do it as best I can.

What do you think <Fidelity> can offer you?
Like I said above, you guys seem to be a small and focused guild who can progress through content at a reasonable pace. You all seem to know what you are doing from what I have seen in the raids I have been in with you guys and you seem to be a friendly enough bunch. Hopefully we will progress through content together for as long as we can.

Expect a few more apps from us. Myself Bio Esta and Endrage are intersted in coming here.
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Re: Dambrath - Prot Paladin

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Hey Dam, thanks for the App. Chat to you in game soon. It was a great read.
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Re: Dambrath - Prot Paladin

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Well wasnt I just the cutest. Ha ha
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Re: Dambrath - Prot Paladin

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